A Single Source Solution

Stop Trouble before it Happens

Interview, review, discuss, suggest, brainstorm. These are ways we avoid poor problem analysis and thus limited solutions. We believe in their skills. We back them up. It works!

The "Five Percent" Rule

Many engineering decisions are no brainers, anyone could do them. The difference is in what decisions we make when it could go this way or that..that last five percent, where you are choosing from alternatives, that give added value to the project. This is where we excel. The difference between good and mediocre, or good and excellent is the management of the intangibles.

Technology and Common Sense - Use them both

Advances occur too rapidly to fall behind. We blend theory and practicality. If there is a solution, we grab it. If there is a unique problem, we find a solution.

Experience, Experience, Experience

Good work gets more work. No two ways about it. We bring success and a record of quality engineered projects. Earning repeat business at an 80% rate.

Our ​Philosophy..and A bit about us..

Welcome to PMA Engineering.  We think you will find this narrative more direct and less technical than most introductions.

It outlines our philosophy, our problem solving methods, and our corporate culture.  But we're engineers, and we have a technical side too, so here's what we believe:

We Pass The Apples to Apples Test

That's the one where you look to see if what was designed was actually built. Design an apple-build an apple. Often the completed project looks little like the proposed solution. When you ask PMA to produce an apple, you will get an apple

Clients Guide Decisions

We solve Client Problems, we don't bring new ones. PMA Engineering believes our extra efforts to be on site and to listen and hear what people on the floor want leads to good, practical, and effective engineering solutions. We know there is insight around a lunch pail. Workers don't say, "They never talked to me." The person doing the job often knows what's needed. Our designs respect production and maintenance needs. Similarly, we respond to our client's corporate culture. Our drawings reflect their presentation formats so they integrate seamlessly into the organization

Steel Toed Boots and Ties

We combine professional knowledge, grounded in theory and "mud on your boots" field work. We pride ourselves in top quality field work. Unless you know the day to day stuff, you won't effectively solve engineering problems. 

Tight Budgets and Careful Project Management

We blend fiscal responsibility, problem analysis, engineering talent, and a disciplined work process into success. We build a careful and detailed record of our work and involvement​​

E n g i n e e r i n g